Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I've been quiet because I've been in Boston for the last week or so. It was excellent and we hired a car and visited some rural places on the outskirts (including lots of little villages). The photo above was taken in the "North end", which is brilliant as it has loads of Italian restaurants and bakeries. The apparent absence of sky is because the snow clouds were solid and thick - completely white!

My favourite photo taken in one of the rural areas is this one of a little duck kennel (!) beside the road:-

The sign on the kennel says: "Beware of Attack Duck"!

I also visited a brilliant stamp and papercraft shop called Ink About It, which is about one hour's drive from Boston in a place called Westford, Massachusetts.


Dawn said...

How cute is that duck kennel ,never seen one, must be to keep them cosy when it snows.

Stamping Moments said...

Boston! Boston! Love it there, we too did this years ago, would love to go back, will have to wait a bit as my boys don't like fying much! We went all around new england and the buildings were amazing.

Shauna! said...

you are very naughty to visit Boston and not let me know!!! i know it is far from Vegas, but i loooove to visit Boston and my dh flies there allll the time and i would have flown there directly to see you!!! Naughty!!!!