Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Wind and Rats...

We had horrific weather overnight last night. The wind was the worst I've experienced in five or more years. I think the gusts were up to 100mph. We thought the roof was going to blow off of our house. We got up at 2am to retrieve our wheelie bin, which had bounced off my car and disappeared 20 metres down the street. When we got up again this morning, it had gone off on another frolic - 50 metres away. It's "bin day" tomorrow and the binmen won't have much rubbish to take away - almost everyone seems to have had a wheelie bin incident last night, with the result that most local rubbish has emptied itself - all over the streets!

Almost all of the main local "big" bridges were closed today - e.g. the Erskine bridge and the Forth road bridge - and much of the public transport was cancelled. I think most of our trees have remained intact, which is amazing. Several of my friends have broken house alarms, phone lines, roof tiles and trees... The BBC web-site is showing photos of numerous trashed cars.

On a lighter note, I ordered some of the new Basic Grey "Two Scoops" paper, buttons, brads and clear acrylic stamps on Monday and they were delivered today. I made this quick card using the paper (shown on the left hand side), together with some SU Sage Shadow, Whisper White and Basic Black cardstock and two of the flower stamps from the SU "Sending Happy Thoughts" set.

I went to Ikea last night (pre-wind!) to buy a couple more of those "Bygel" metal poles for my craft room... I've yet to screw them to the wall, but I'll get to it in the next few days. I also bought this in Ikea:-

It's called "Minnen Ratta" (yep, it's a stuffed rat toy) - can you believe it? It's pretty big - a foot long including the tail! - and they're also selling sets of three tiny mice. I demonstrated it to my mum and she had a hairy fit! From a distance - and particularly with the long tail - it does look quite rodent-like and not necessarily like a stuffed toy... I think it's quite cute, but it's an odd thing to sell as a cuddly toy... Anyway, "Ratta" the rat now has pride of place in my craft room and he's jostling for room with my cows. I didn't buy any of the stuffed mice - I thought that would be too close to the bone given our recent house mouse problem.

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