Thursday, 8 October 2009

major excitement...

A new box of SU goodies!  My UPS man came late at 3.30pm... it was very much a case of "watched kettle doesn't boil"/"watched doorbell doesn't ring"... I was starting to hyperventilate!  Then, when he did eventually materialise, I almost didn't answer the door... I couldn't see his van through the glass (it turned out he had parked it at a distance) and assumed it was another junk caller trying to sell me monoblock cleaning or tree cutting services that I don't want (but, if I did, I wouldn't buy it from a bloke who randomly turned up at my door anyway... funnily enough).

Can't wait to play with my new things!  I've got the medallion stamp... excitement!  And... the new border eyelet punch!  Now I just need to find some free time to play with everything... that's the hardest part. 

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