Friday, 13 June 2008

Scrap-a-ganza - Holland

I've been tired all week... I was at Scrap-a-ganza in Holland from Friday to Sunday last weekend. It was a very long weekend, though, packed with classes. I got home about 11pm on Sunday night as the flight was slightly delayed. I had very little sleep all weekend (and not much the week before I went for a variety of reasons), so I've been trying to catch up on sleep all week!

We stayed in the NH Conference Centre Hotel in Leeuwenhorst, about half an hour from the airport (in the middle of nowhere!). The not-so-interesting view from the window of my room is shown above! It was a nice enough modern hotel, although the food was poor.

Talking of hotel food, I liked the menu in the lifts... "Happy Shrimp" and "poached sea devil" sound interesting.

A photo of my room:-

I loved most of my classes, but my two favourite classes were those involving Lida de Witte and Melodee Langworthy. Here's a photo of Lida's "On the Road Again" class (her mini album sample (below) came with a wee matching suitcase, which was made completely from scratch from Crate paper and chipboard).

... and here's a photo of Melodee's "Pieces of Me" mini book:-

Someone put a "reserved for Scottish Quines" sign on one of the tables, which I thought was funny. It was really nice to meet up with lots of new people, including around sixteen fellow Scottish ladies! They made my stay much more fun than it would have been if I'd been sitting around like Norma Nae Mates!

Lastly, here's a photo of Suzanne winning her raffle prize... a huge Making Memories storage cupboard! We were laughing about it beforehand and wondering how the winner would manage to take it on the flight as hand luggage...

We "pimped" Helen's Scenic Route apron (a freebie from the SR class) with some really horrible American country-style leaf stickers (another - less welcome - freebie!) and two coasters, but I won't post the photos of her obligingly posing wearing the offending (offensive!) item... it's fair to say she was a brilliant sport, though. She's definitely started a Doodlebug flock trend.


Sharon said...

Love your summary of scrapaganza :)
The flock, ah who can ever forget that LOL!
There are so many things from the weekend that gave us all a good laugh. Think the company of all teh Scottish quines made a great weekend in to a FANDABIDOSY weekend :)
I'll need to save a link of your blog on to mine. I miss not being able to see the links in the new social groups.
I am having total withdrawal symptoms, what an anti climax. I was so tired at the start of the week I didn't notice but now I want to go back and do it all over again.
Are you planning going next year?

WeeHaggis said...

What a brilliant summary of the SAG weekend - you took great photos - love the one of the sign on the table.

My apron is still partly pimped although the stickers have gone!

princessfiona said...

Great to meet you in Holland - Hope fully we can all do the same again next year!!