Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Lida's "On the Road Again" minibook... more photos!

I've completed Lida's little suitcase. All done! I painted the inside with Ranger Butterscotch acrylic paint (taken from a paint dabber and mixed with water to create a "wash" effect). I'm really pleased with the result.

In addition, here's a photo of the rear of the minibook, which I forgot to post previously. I've used the section of green paper with the image of palm trees and a car.


WeeHaggis said...

Phwoar - that is fabby. Must kick myself into gear to get mine finished - lol!!!!

Dawn said...

That is gorgeous Elaine, told you Lidas would be a great class.
Iam glad you enjoyed it.
Hope you manage again next year.

Need to finish mine too, will I take my bind it all to edinburgh.
Hee hee.