Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Melodee Langworthy's "Family" book... a work in progress

Here's the Family Favo[u]rites book I made at start on at Scrap-a-ganza. I loved both of Melodee Langworthy's classes.

My book is a Family Favorites book without the "Favorites"! I don't like American spellings in my scrapbooks (and definitely not on the front cover... mainly because there's always the risk that some of my less clued up friends and family will secretly wonder whether I lack the ability to spell because they don't understand that lots of scrapbooking embellishments are American!), so I left off the "Favorites"... and my book simply says "Family" on the cover.

I've inserted two 6x4" photos between each of the black foam-board pages... I've adhered them back-to-back (which was suggested in Melodee's instructions, I think), with a view to cramming in more photos. The foam-board (it's like chipboard, albeit thicker and a bit more like sponge!) pages were too wide for the Round-it-All to cut through... I've rounded the corners manually using a Making Memories sanding block. (Note: extra points if you are able to see the book in amongst the junk on my desk in the photo above... I was feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered to relocate the book for the photo!).

I didn't follow Melodee's suggestions for the inside pages of the book... I just made it up as I went along and added lots of extra bits and pieces.

I'm almost finished the book, give or take a few embellishments and other bits and pieces. The most obvious missing part is the flower centre on the front cover! There's supposed to be a circular "our family" stamp in the centre of the flower, but I've lost the stamped image I was given in the class. I'm trying to find something suitable to use as a substitute. I also need to do a bit more work to do on the rear cover (shown above).


Dawn said...

Elaine it is lovely I will have a look in my bag, it could easily be in there since we were sat so close.

Sharon said...

Elaine, your book is beautiful.
Melodee stamped me two images as the first one was just a tiny bit too close to the edge of the paper. Email me your address and I'll post it to you, you just might be able to trim it by hand.