Sunday, 13 September 2009

ice cream and cherries

Well... some sunshine at last! It was sunny yesterday and it's the same again today. After all the rain, it seems incredible that we've had a few days of sunshine in a row. The weather encouraged me to make this ice cream card for a friend. The stamps are by Unity Stamp Co and the cardstock is SU. The ribbon and patterned paper were bits and pieces from boxes on my desk, so I'm not sure about the manufacturers.

I was very bad yesterday when I went shopping, as I bought more baby clothes... there are such nice clothes for babies and I didn't realise H&M sold baby clothes - a friend told me they had some nice things and it's not a shop that I've ever shopped in, really. They had a whole range of Hello Kitty and Bambi things and I had to buy a few, notwithstanding the fact that the last thing Erin needs is more clothes. My tactic now is to buy bigger sizes with a view to justifying purchases and saving money in future.... Seems logical to me!

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