Sunday, 17 August 2008


We drove up to Glencoe for my birthday last week. There's a coffee shop there which sells the best scones and hot chocolate in the world (and their other cakes are quite nice too... particularly the bakewell tart). An ideal birthday lunch! We took Marley with us, as we thought he'd enjoy some of the walks around the area - and he did. He had a good sniff at most of the scenery and managed to jump over so many clumps of grass and thistles that he was exhausted and fell asleep on the way back.
We've been to Glencoe lots of times, but on this occasion we encountered something unusual and a bit random nestled in the hills: four Scottish rugby players posing for photos (presumably for new advertising).

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jo said...

Have just been directed to your blog from Dawn - I have a pic on my blog of the poster that those chaps were posing for!! wouldn't have minded coming across them on a hillside!!