Friday, 18 December 2009

new blog design!

I'm so glad that my old blog banner etc have exited stage left!  I'm still working on the layout of the new blog, but all of the new bits and pieces have been designed by Veronica McCollum of V K Design Company.  Veronica will use your ideas (if you have any) or give you a push in the right direction (if devoid of ideas!)... she's great to work with and I love the little multi-coloured cow which she has created for me.

As far as I can gather, it seems to be snowing just about everywhere in the UK except my neck of the woods!  It's cold here today, but no sign of snow... albeit it's a nice, bright day (the sky is really white... so perhaps we'll get some snow later?) and that means I've been able to take some decent photos or some of the things I've been making recently.  The Christmas card shown above is the one I've made for Ian this year and I made a similar one for his parents.  I've used the Sparkly and Bright stamp set for the sentiment and the background.  The two tree stamps are part of an American set, though, and are not available in the UK.

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