Sunday, 12 October 2008

New Home

A new home card made for a friend using the Stampin' Up! "Neighborhood" (note: dodgy American spelling omitting the letter "u"!) wheel. Colours: Real Red, Bashful Blue and Chocolate Chip.

We went to see James Blunt at the SECC on Friday night. I'd booked the tickets ages ago and pretty much forgotten about it, so wasn't really in the mood to go - I'm not the greatest fan. He was really good, though, albeit most of his songs are depressing! Also, the quantity of people who kept getting up and leaving their seats every two minutes (making everyone in the row move and ensuring that no-one behind could see anything much during the whole charade) was starting to drive me demented... I said to Ian that it was a bit like that children's game with the little plastic people who pop up every two seconds and you need to smack them back down with a big plastic hammer... except I didn't have a big plastic hammer (but I'd have paid good money for one).

1 comment:

jpmayo said...

Hey Elaine:)
I love James Blunt, why didnt you invite me, lol!!
Adorable *house* card, too;)